$AVScan is an PHP antivirus, which scan your site directory and detect viruses, using known signatures and common virus code constructtion patterns.


Command line:
avscan.php [path=path_to_scan] [checkExts=[ext1,ext2,ext3,...]] [skipExts=[ext1,ext2,ext3,...]]
Web script:
Download and put script to root folder of your site, then use this URL:,ext2&skipExts=ext1,ext2
path- path to scan. If not specified, current working directory is the default.
checkExts- extentions to check, divided by comma. If empty (default), check all extentions.
skipExts- extentions to ckip checkking. Default is: 'js,css,gif,png,jpg'


php avscan.php path=/var/www skipExts= checkExts=php,html
   - will check for viruses all *.php and *.html files under /var/www recursively.

   - click this URL to check this site for viruses.


avscan.php version 170726 (compressed code)